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Fr. Stephen Voyt

Father Stephen Voyt
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church
Niceville, Florida

This Web site is dedicated to sharing the Word of the Lord
coming through a man of God.

We are parishioners at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church who are blessed and challenged by the homilies we hear daily and weekly by Father Steve, who continually asks all of us in the pasture to become involved, to spread the joy and the love of the Lord to others.  

We definitely see that joy and love of the Lord emanate from our Pastor, as surely others who have met and been served by him have.  So, in answer to Father Steve’s constant request to be involved and to share the Lord, this is what this Web site is all about.  Instead of just those of us who are blessed to hear Father Steve’s homilies, we want to share them with the many thousands of people who already know and love him, as well as those who may be seeking the Lord and can be blessed by this man who definitely listens to the Lord and shares that joy and love he knows so intimately.

There is no other reason for this Web site — no money is required to subscribe.  (However, we are certain that Father Steve would appreciate all prayers for him and his ministry!)  We just genuinely want to share the blessings we receive from this man of God to others.  As you watch these videos, may you be touched by what is said and taught by the Holy Spirit that fills and spills over from Father Steve!

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